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    Robot market have bright prospective, which machine tool manufacturers got involved in abundance
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     In recent years, machine tool manufacturers got involved in the manufacturing of industrial robots with rising enthusiasm, because the machine tool manufacturing industry is closely related to robotics manufacturing technologies. The key technology for application of industrial robots is motion control, which is an important factor to guarantee machine precision.

       It is said that GSK is trying to producing an affordable robots on the premise of guarantying full function and stable performance. GSK started to set foot in the development of industrial robots a few years ago, and so far, the company has made a breakthrough: the first dozens of mass-production robots are used in their own production workshop now.
       Not only the NC system manufacturers, but also the machine tool manufacturers are trying to take a share in the robots market. Like DMTG, at the 6th China NC Machine Tool Exhibition they showed a FMS Island which they developed for CNNC. This flexible manufacturing island is composed of 1 set of processing center, 1 NC, a twin-spindle lathe and a robot. Presenting of such a FMS Island caused a reform of production organizing in differed industries. It is also fully illustrating the profound meaning of industrial automation and shows the main production model of future manufacturing
       Shenyang Machine Tool Group has the biggest domestic sales amount in China. Their Chairman Guan Xiyou said, as their company has experience of developing Fei Yang CNC system, they are actively developing their own industrial robot products and are trying to enter the industrial robot manufacturing market. High technology degree of association and expectable rapid growth in future are two major factors to encourage and stimulate machine tool manufacturing companies enter the field of robotics. The global robot market need is about to enter an eruption period, China market is showing a huge potentially market demand. Since the unification of national and international standards has not formed yet, there is still a huge space for the development of core technologies in this market. Meanwhile, there are natural connections between this new industry and the other existing industries as well as the original manufacturing system. Also there is a considerable profit margin for industrial robot products at this moment. 
       The foundation of robot manufacturing includes 5 aspects: hardware, key component, software, SI and remote-control. But for the moment, our robot industrial is still weak in these aspects. The market prospection is brilliant but there is still a long way for us to go.